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(155) Dave & Darlene Crumrine
Sun, 25 March 2012 18:11

You & Robin encourage David & I both through your "Journey". During my devotion today, I read, "Time is so precious that God gives it to us a moment at a time. The years...pass quickly, and then we are gone." Only God knows how much "time" each one of us has here on this earth. He has the final say...which I remembered reading the same thing in your blog titled, "Peace Beyond Comprehension". It's time for us to remember whose in charge of our lives...and trust that He knows what He is doing, even when we don't understand. This life journey that your writing about as you both battle cancer, is more than just a blog, it is an example of what can happen in our lives when we have God as our lighthouse. Love You & Praying for all of you.
Dave & Darlene Crumrine

(154) Donna Mills
Sun, 25 March 2012 13:23

Your blogs are straight from the Throne room! Preach it Pastor!

Love you both,

(153) Darline Lockett
Sat, 24 March 2012 22:49


I worked for over 30yrs with the sick and incurable diseases. Never have I seen such peace and love as I feel just reading your letter.
I am sorry that I did not answer your first letter. I did not remember your names and just deleted it. Then in church Sunday, Dilene shared a story with us. When she told the story I felt so bad and asked God to forgive me.
This I do know that God is always on time. We never know who our life is an example to. One we caan look back and say, Lord, you did this or that for this person and you are no respector of persons. What you did for one you can do for another.
What can we say that God has not already spoke to you.
All I can say is Thank you for your faithfulness to trust Jesus and know He is in controll.
I will continue to pray for GOD HAS THE LAST WORD!!
GOD BLESS YOU and continue to be with you.
Love and prayers,

(152) Patrick Morrone
Sat, 24 March 2012 18:19

Our hearts long to be with you in this stormy time. We can do no more than pray for the Lord's blessing in the eye of the storm. As Sharon recovers from a horrible time of sickness with the flu, seizures and pneumonia, we long for the time we will suffer no more illness or pain and we both often say "Lord come quickly." Sharon prayed for the Lord to take her home but only he knows the time and this was not it for her yet. We all should say to ourselves, on a daily basis, "I wonder how much time I have left and am I using it to the best for Jesus." We love you both and feel the anguish, yet we lean on the peace and joy of Christ. We find the key is the worship of the Lord in good times or difficult times. Regardless, He is WORTHY of all our praise. All our love and the peace of our Lord Jesus to you both. Patrick and Sharon Morrone

(151) Danielle Fox Montanez
Sat, 24 March 2012 04:39

I cry every time I read these blogs... my heart hurts so much for all of you as you face this ...I don't even have words other than to tell you that I love you all and I pray for you always... for continued strength and peace

(150) Rick Orrell
Sat, 24 March 2012 04:22

I come to your blog each time thinking I might possibly be of some encouragement to you guys, but ALWAYS leave feeling encouraged myself from your positive and faith-filled attitudes. I'm sure others would agree with me that NONE of us envy the position you're in and the circumstances you find yourselves in, but we all DO envy and covet your optimism and faith in the face of adversity. Go with God and may HIS peace that passes understanding be your treasure this weekend! :-))

(149) Tom and Connie
Sat, 24 March 2012 00:22

Hi Guys. We are still praying. Thanks for sharing that beautiful song. Connie was able to copy the lyrics from this site and send to a friend who really needed to hear those words. Amazing how God uses you when you are both going through such rough times. He still moves mountains and makes us powerful in our weakness. In His Love,
Tom and Connie

(148) Debbi & Jim Groves
Fri, 23 March 2012 14:41

Hi Rich and Robin I want you to know you-all are in my prayers and thoughts especially during this time. Rich I loved the grab bag analogy as I needed to hear that as well. Jim & I were reading your updates and he mentioned you have probably been away from pastoring for a while. However, I would say that God has blessed you with ministry even during this trial.Our prayers are with you, Robin, and your family. Blessings

(147) Dave & Darlene Crumrine
Fri, 23 March 2012 14:17

Rich & Robin,
I have been reading your latest blog and the tears just began to flow down my face. I then started to remember the words to a song called, "Blessings" and thought of both of you.I cannot fathom how hard this situation must be for all of you.However, we serve a God that is faithful. A God that even understands our tears as they fall from our eyes.A God that can make a way, where there seems to be no way. You have done all you can do, now it is time for God to do what only He can do. Dave & I are praying for you both. If you ever need someone to talk with, or cry with,please don't hesitate to call. Our home phone (440) 997-5619;
Dave's cell phone (440)228-9468.
Dave & Darlene Crumrine

(146) Sherrie
Fri, 23 March 2012 14:13

Our Strong God – Rich you really capture the heart of it and how so many of us are feeling right now. You know you are in my thoughts and prayers, I love you both so much and I so want this to go away, but for some reason God has entrusted you both with this difficult journey.

You both have touched so many hearts, so many ask me daily how you both are doing, so many prayers going up on behalf of both of you.

I’m glad you have this blog because when I feel overwhelmed about the situation that you both are in I read the comments and see so many are standing in the gap for you.

Laurette, that song really says it and some day we will understand why.

Thank you all who leave comments on the guestbook you are encouraging not only to Robin & Rich but you are encouraging to our whole family as we read your kind words of love, concern & encouragement. Most of all thank you for your prayers that are carrying us though during this most difficult time.

Robin’s Sister Sherrie

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