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(95) Candi Frasier
Fri, 2 March 2012 11:51

You two are such a witness of the just amaze me with your faith and trust and how you accept all without complaint. I would be screaming and crying and upset by this time, but both of you just trust the Lord completely and praise Him no matter what is coming into your life. I will continue to pray for both of you and to continue to claim healing by His stripes in HIS NAME for both of you. When I see how petty things upset me I feel so ashamed..especially when I read what both of you are going thru. God truly has a crown with many jewels for both of you for your witnessing to so many others. Sending my love thru Christ to both of you.

(94) Peggy Jo Pauls
Thu, 1 March 2012 22:47

Rich & Robin, We are lifting you up in prayer!! Your strength and attitude through all of this is amazing, and it's so evident that your strenth comes from God... We love you and will continue to pray!
...storming the throne room boldly on behalf of your needs...James & Peggy Jo Pauls

(93) Donna
Thu, 1 March 2012 21:04

Prayers, prayers and prayers to our most Holy God!!! We love and miss you -

Love & God's Blessings,
Donna & Vernell

(92) Karen Amer
Thu, 1 March 2012 20:40

Even in the midst of this disappointing news this week, we have hope. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." As I was facing surgery back in October, I read something that I held on to...Faith is not believing that God can, but KNOWING that He WILL. I pray that His Word and promises sink deep into your spirits to bring about complete and total healing. To God be all the Glory and Honor and Praise!! Love and hugs and prayers. You two are an inspiration to many!

(91) Rick Orrell
Thu, 1 March 2012 18:36

Sorry to hear of your bad news. I am SO thankful to be able to follow you through this dark season of life and see the optimism and faith you continue to show! I still pray for you and Robin each and every morning and trust that God will continue to make Himself real to both of you!!

(90) Jim Ayers
Thu, 1 March 2012 16:03

You continue to be a source of amazing faith and courage. Carrie and I will be lifting you up in prayer.

(89) Ian Blacker
Thu, 1 March 2012 15:14

As always, in prayer for both of you. Blessings. Ian.

(88) Laurette
Thu, 1 March 2012 13:53

My prayers and thoughts are always with you even if we do not talk much :( if I could take "it" from either of you, I surely would. I know how hard it must be to be strong when you just want to lay down and I will continue to ask for strength for both of you in the days ahead. I love you both and wish you werent so far away.

(87) shelby
Sun, 26 February 2012 01:22

just want you to know i am so encouraged by everything you post and your determination, just know that we pray for you all often.

Shelby children's pastor 1st Assembly in Pratt

(86) Joseph Edward Lee
Sat, 25 February 2012 02:51

You have been through an awful lot.I have to admire the fact that you are basically telling most of life now on this medium myself have many medical issues that at 69 years old I am living in a nursing home and losing out on retirement years.

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