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(55) Rick Orrell
Sun, 1 January 2012 13:14

Your comment about maybe "being able to go home to heaven a little sooner than you expected", reminded me of the new Vince Gill song I heard recently "Threaten Me With Heaven" where he's saying essentially the same thing, when people give you bad news, what's the worst they can do, threaten me with heaven?? :-)) Hope you guys have a wonderful new year filled with joy, laughter and a 100 fold return on the encouragement you dish out to others!!

(54) helena britsch
Sun, 1 January 2012 08:34

Richard and Robin, thank you for this. My husband Andrew has colon cancer like Robin, some in lung now and I am RCC like you. It is hard but the Lord is always with me and doesn't let anything be too bad.

(53) Jim Blessman
Sun, 1 January 2012 05:43

Happy New Year Rich and Robin, thank you for taking me along this journey with you. Your faith is an inspiration to me.
I had some discouraging times during this last year and you have help encourage me through them.
I am looking forward to another good year with our Lord and really excited about your kids coming here to Africa to serve with us. I will help take good care of them.

I pray that you will continue being strong in the faith,


(52) Debie Townsley
Sat, 31 December 2011 23:59

Now that's the Rich I know! Preach it brother! So blessed to hear your words of encouragement to all of us to start off 2012 looking to God - for He is our sufficiency! Thank you for your faith and your boldness to share it. You're always in our prayers.

(51) Beth Blessman
Sat, 31 December 2011 17:35

Dear Rich and Robin,
Thank you taking the time to keep us updated on everything going on. Your positive attitude and spiritual depth bless me and inspire me. May God richly bless you in 2012.

Beth Blessman

(50) Mark N. Apodaca
Sat, 31 December 2011 16:53

Rich & Robin,
Happy New Year to you and your family. I am so blessed to have you as my friends. I am very blessed by your blogs and the wisdom contained in them. You continue to bless me through these blogs. I am praying for you to continue to experience His peace and leading into the new year. Love you, Mark & Jeanette

(49) Karen
Sat, 31 December 2011 15:45

Rich, I am truly inspired by your words on your blog. You certainly have a gift and I am only one who is blessed by it. Thank you for your blog. May God Bless you both this New Year.

Karen V

(48) Darlene Crumrine
Tue, 27 December 2011 04:05

Rich & Robin, Dave & I have not seen you in many years . In fact, the last time we saw you was at church in Nazareth, PA. We are praying for you. The same healing power that caused the blind eyes to be opened, the lame to walk, the dumb to speak...can heal this cancer in your body Rich. When you have done all you can do, and the doctors have done all they can do...then it is God's turn to do what only He can do.
God Bless;
Dave & Darlene Crumrine

(47) jim
Sun, 25 December 2011 05:17

Rich, we have only met a couple of times, through your friend and mine Joey. You shot a turkey on my farm south of LaJunta. I have followed your story on FB since we became friends. I admire you and Robin for your positive attitude while going through all of what you are going through right now. You both are an inspiration to us all. I wish you the best. Keep writing, Ill keep reading.

(46) Jim Blessman MD
Sat, 24 December 2011 20:37

Merry Christmas Rich and Robin. Beth and I just arrived at African home. We will continue to pray with you guys.

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