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(25) Rick Orrell
Sun, 27 November 2011 22:39

Still praying for you guys.

(24) shirley wagoner
Mon, 21 November 2011 13:17

How true it is that when you are diagnosed with The Beast, you're entire life changes. You notice the green trees and the music and the baby smiles...and pet the dog more often, kiss the kids and grandkids, tell people you love them. I have come so far in my Faith that every day becomes a new possibility instead of one more day down. Thanks for writing this....the can cut into our skin, they can cut into our body....but they'll never get a piece of my soul.

(23) Sueg
Mon, 21 November 2011 01:06

And people tell me that I am an inspiration! Hah. Your faith is unmovable and I am confident that He who began a good work in you will continue it.

As for the financial burden, have you investigated the possibility of social security disability, fundraisers, church support, etc? Certainly someone in your town or church can help in some way. People are so generous.

I will pray for you and Robin. It is my privilege.

(22) Connie and Tom
Sun, 20 November 2011 23:50

Hi Robin and Rich. Our hearts go out to you as you go through these serious ups and downs. Our prayers are with you too. We are so happy that you are able to lean on the Lord for his strength. I don't know how anyone goes through hard times without his grace. We don't understand the why of the situation but we know who is in control and we trust his goodness. Our hope and prayers are for God to move his hand to heal and meet your every need and move his spirit mightily to continue to grant you his peace. In His Love,
Tom and Connie Deemer

(21) Ian Blacker
Sun, 20 November 2011 23:20

In prayer right now for both of you. You are greatly loved by both God-most important, and myself. Ian.

(20) Karen
Sun, 20 November 2011 20:35

Not what I wanted to hear either! I know that I know, God is able to to provide what you need with or without the sutent. I am praying for you both and expecting that when you go forward trusting in God alone, He will be all to you, and for you. Blessings, strength and peace to you both. Enoch and I love you and are here for you.

(19) Sharon Morrone
Sun, 20 November 2011 18:39

Amen Rich! We who believe in the One true God, and in the precious blood of His Son, Jesus poured out for me, we are blessed beyond measure! What else matters?
May God continue to bless you and Robin and your ministry.

love to you both,
Your sister in Christ,

(18) Steven Hicks
Fri, 18 November 2011 04:00

We here at Cheraw Baptist Chapel are praying for you both. I wished my words could help in some way, but I know in, and by myself I can do nothing; so I'll take my words to the one who can help you all. Our dear Heavenly Father! We will pray until you all are healed.
Pastor Steve Hicks

(17) JUDY
Tue, 15 November 2011 22:38

Jesus never fails us. HE is all in. He will take care of always. Jt

(16) Patrick Morrone
Tue, 15 November 2011 20:26

Amen Comrade! You padreech very vell. Love you!!

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