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(255) Daren Roten
Wed, 14 November 2012 19:05

When I read your update today, my heart sank. You two have been an inspiration for me and Cathey. We are still believing for a complete miracle. When you get here in Ozark, give me a call.

(254) Sally
Wed, 14 November 2012 18:42

I am so sad to hear this. My hearts aches and I stand in amazement at your faith and unwavering praise to our Lord. Only eternity will tell of the people you have helped with your words of praise and trust. We love you dear Friends.

(253) Pastor Jim Ayers
Wed, 14 November 2012 16:54

Richard & Robin - my heart sank as I read your blog. I had been up most of the night on Monday night praying for physical needs in my family, our church, and you both. I am still believing and praying for a miracle healing for both of you. You continue to inspire my faith and I am amazed at your spiritual strength. Just know that people are seeking God in your behalf even in the middle of the night...even when you feel all alone there are those of us standing in the gap.

(252) judy
Wed, 14 November 2012 16:16

God will give you what you need. He knows best what that is and when to give it. I trust in his love for us so much that his blessings for your family are there just waiting for him to give them. Prayers, judy

(251) Rick Orrell
Wed, 14 November 2012 12:59

So sorry to hear the latest news about Robin. You can count on my continued prayers for both of you. It encourages me SO much to see how your faith remains strong in the midst of adversity and I can only hope and pray I will have the same strength as you do when my "time" comes...... Love you both!!

(250) Melisa Zimmerman
Tue, 13 November 2012 11:46

Thank you for sharing your journey. Your words of wisdom and insight are invaluable. You diligence to serve the kingdom is inspiring. May God completely heal you and provide for every need you have. Blessings.

(249) Sally Steffel
Sun, 11 November 2012 17:27

You guys are amazing! And God is even more amazing to give you all you need to keep on going in the midst of this trial.

(248) James Naron
Tue, 6 November 2012 03:47

Rich and Robin,
I have truly been blessed by how you have shared your lives with us. My prayer is to see God touch both of you and make you whole. You need to know that more than once you have blessed me with your words of faith and passion for God.
Thank you!
Our church will continue to lift you in prayer.

(247) Josh Fief
Sun, 4 November 2012 15:09

You both are in my thoughts and prayers. God has a plan and I'm so blessed to have had the chance to meet you both in the path God has lead you down. Keep standing on the Rock of Ages. We all know the body is a temporary home and we have a greater place waiting for us. We were born with nothing in this world and when we leave we will leave with nothing, but what we leave behind can bless many and cause many to turn to God. You both have blessed so many with your faithfullness to God even through the trails of the hard road that you have been lead down. Few stay strong in faith like you both do. I pray if I am ever tested I am able to stand strong like you guys.

Until we meet again

In Christ

Josh Fief

(246) Judy Weltin
Sat, 3 November 2012 03:06

To the Friends of Rich & Robin: With all my heart I believe fasting is necessary along with all our prayers. The Lord made me feel this so strong in my spirit last night. So... pray about fasting... be it a meal, a day... or whatever the Lord would have you to do... and let's see what our God will do!! In Christian Love, Judy

Keep the Faith Rich & Robin... God has brought you this far... for a reason!
We love you both, Judy & Don

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