Our Story

Our journey began in April 2007 when the Lord called us to Pastor a small but loving Assembly of God Church in La Junta, Colorado. We were there just a few months, when Robin began to experience symptoms which prompted her to pursue a doctor for further evaluation. Our hearts were torn when the Dr. confirmed Robin had Colon Cancer and referred us to another Dr. in Pueblo, CO. After consulting with this wonderful Dr., surgery was scheduled for Nov. ’07. She had the surgery, and initially, no other cancer was evident, but the Dr. wanted follow-up CT Scans on a 3 month basis. All was well until January ’09 when a small lesion showed up on a CT Scan which caused the Dr. to watch it closely. In July ’09 he ordered a liver biopsy which came back “benign lesion”, and ordered another Scan in Nov. ’09. She had the CT Scan which showed the lesion had grown in size, and the Dr. thought it best to order another liver biopsy. Well, much to our dismay, the results were not what we wanted to hear as many of you may have heard in similar family and friends situations. It was malignant. That word is a word we had become all too familiar with, but this time we were resolved, that even in this God would receive the glory! We do not have health insurance, and as you can imagine, we were wondering what Dr. or facility would see us let alone treat us. We prayed, and within 48 hours God had opened doors for Robin to be seen and have surgery. She was scheduled for surgery at The University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, CO on January 7, 2010 to remove a cancerous lesion from her liver. She went along without and evidence of cancer until January 2012 when a PET scan revealed another lesion or two in her liver.  Our Springfield, MO doctor’s would not attempt the surgery, so she was referred to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis.  The surgeon she saw was optimistic about removing the cancer and sixty percent of her liver.  On March 20, 2012, she was once again under the surgeons knife, but an hour and a half into the surgery the Dr. aborted the surgery and closed her up due to more disease in her lymph nodes than could be seen in earlier tests. We need a miracle in Robins body now!  He is able! 




It wasn’t 2 weeks after we had received the news, that Robin had cancer in her liver, that Rich began to experience some symptoms which prompted him to go to the Dr. for what he thought would be treated with an antibiotic. After being in the ER of the hospital for several hours and undergoing several tests, the results revealed a large (12cm) mass on his right kidney, and the initial radiologic report said, “Suspicious of Renal Cell Cancer.” We couldn’t believe what we were hearing! In our finiteness, fear and questions began to invade our minds, but again, we had to know in our hearts, that this does not concern our Heavenly Father! He knows what He will accomplish through this! We don’t fully understand, but ours is not to reason why. We are resolved to praise our Lord! He is in control!Since that initial diagnosis, Rich has had a right Radical Nephrectomy (kidney and mass removed) in Cleveland, Ohio in February of ’10. The initial prognosis was good, and he went for several months without any further evidence of disease, but in Oct.’10 several nodules began to show up on his lungs and two other places in his abdomen and was diagnosed officially stage IV RCC. Since then, he has been on several different Kidney Cancer medications to hopefully prolong mortality, and is now 100% disabled.  Rich was diagnosed with more metastatic Renal Cell cancer to his transverse colon in March 2013. Thank you for praying and supporting us in this journey!  We are believing Him for Greater Days Ahead!  Fighting the good fight of faith!


Rich and Robin


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